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Summer Dance

Summer Dance

Summer Dance is off and leaping!

Every morning starts with conditioning & stretch class or an exciting walk in the woods then it all begins. Last week Deirdre & Eve worked everyone hard thru ballet, modern, improv and each choreographed wonderful new pieces. Kelli Jo and Maezie also started their choreography. Nate is exploring a new work where he dances AND plays the guitar, bringing together two of his passions. Cool This week Eve, Laurie and Nick are at the helm to continue the adventure. Saturday will be rehearsal for the parade on Sunday.

I guess a dancer never really stops dancing. What a joy to watch young people discover how hard work can actually be fun!

Oh yeah, Arimee is in NYC at Ailey. She continues to send pictures of hersrlf dancing “en pointe” in traffic. Go girl.

Next week, James & Jordan join us. Then, the performance on Friday.

Then, registration a few days later.

Hmmm…Reif DANCES all the time!